A Good Driver Is Our Testimony to Great Service

Reliable United Group\Reliable Driver Solutions in Linden,Cranford and East Brunswick, New Jersey is the answer to your short and long-term truck driver placement challenges. We understand you face many difficulties in finding qualified drivers, ensuring compliance with DOT regulations, and matching your driver’s needs to your company’s fluctuating business volume. This is where our company comes in. We solve all of these challenges by providing professional DOT-qualified drivers who meet your hiring standards and practices, and don't forget our Warehouse Workers.

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You know the challenge: Too many truck-driving jobs are chasing too few drivers. There are many factors behind the trend, but the bottom line is that experts are predicting a 10-year driver shortfall. So how does consistently supply highly qualified drivers?

We do it by undergoing rigorous recruiting and unwavering screening process that meets all DOT standards as well as the clients’ requirements. The driver candidate has to be right for the job, and the job has to be right for the driver. That goes to all of our Employees that companies decides to use from u

We also offer a benefit program that attracts good drivers looking for a home. They know that excellence in performance, as well as safety and customer service are the keys to success in our industry. Thus, we create a “win-win” situation for all parties involved.

Rigorous Recruitment and Screening Standards

When one of our drivers steps into one of your vehicles, you can rely that that each driver is fully screened, experienced, and qualified. We know your business depends on it.

Our recruiting and operations staff is specially trained to screen, interview, and process potential drivers based on today’s rigorous DOT as well as Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) standards and regulations.