Reasons to Work for Reliable Driver Solutions.

Freedom and Flexibility / No Forced Dispatch

Reliable Driver Solutions\ Reliable United Group in Linden, Cranford and East Brunswick, New Jersey offers knowledgeable CDL drivers a level of freedom and flexibility that they are unable to receive from a traditional trucking company. A “no-forced dispatch” policy allows drivers the luxury of being able to choose when and where they would like to work.

Employees who have the freedom and flexibility, along with control over their schedules, tend to have a much higher level of job satisfaction – often directly translating into better job performance. This type of an arrangement is beneficial to both full-time drivers as well as part-time drivers.

Whether a qualified driver is looking to try out a potential employer before making a commitment (full-time), or just looking to make some extra money (part-time), Reliable Driver Solutions can offer promising opportunities. We also added Over the Drivers to out fleet.

Our company offers this freedom and flexibility, along with a “no-forced dispatch” policy, to all full-time and part-time CDL drivers – all at no cost. We realize the value this presents to qualified drivers who appreciate the independence allowed under such an arrangement.

We consider this a “WIN - WIN - WIN”! Drivers “win” because they have the freedom and flexibility to arrange the type of schedule that works best for them. Reliable United Group “wins” because they have qualified drivers who are happy. As a result, our customer “wins” because they have a driver who will do a great job!

Temp-to-Hire / The Ultimate Job Interview

The right CDL driver leasing company can assist qualified CDL drivers, as well as trucking companies, who are looking for the right “fit” before they commit. One of the benefits qualified drivers have with the right CDL driver leasing company is the opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of trucking companies.

This allows the CDL driver to make a much more informed decision when they decide to work permanently for a company, therefore keeping the CDL driver’s resume and employment history looking clean. As we all know, if a driver’s employment history has too much “clutter” or too many jobs, many companies will not extend an offer of employment.

With RDS Temp-to-Hire Program, qualified CDL drivers have the opportunity to gain exposure to a variety of work environments and showcase their skills. In the process, they can determine their own level of interest in a company and potentially secure a permanent position – all at no cost.

Reliable United Group considers this scenario the “Ultimate Job Interview” since both the CDL driver and the trucking company have the opportunity to get to know each other and determine whether or not there’s a fit before making a commitment. This allows the CDL driver to be more valuable and marketable since their employment history will be free from excessive “clutter.”

Improve Your Experience and Skills

Reliable Driver Solutions can help qualified drivers improve their level of experience and skills by exposing them to a wide variety of trucking companies and various work environments.

Because Reliable Driver Solutions has such a broad base of customers, our CDL drivers are given many opportunities to gain more experience and improve their skills. This allows them to be more valuable and marketable, thus opening doors to opportunities that otherwise may not have existed – all at no cost.

In many cases, customers of Reliable Driver Solutions will need a CDL driver for a temporary or short-term need. It’s uncommon, however, that the customer will inquire about the possibility of hiring that temporary driver on a permanent basis. This typically happens for two reasons: (1) The customer notices the driver’s professional experience and skill level; and (2) The driver’s attitude and performance, along with their ability, has impressed the customer enough that they are interested in permanent employment.

Our drivers create many of our Temp-to-Hire opportunities because of their exceptional performance. We always encourage our drivers by the inspiring words: “We put you in the driver’s seat, but you have the keys!”

Opportunity to Increase Income

Because of the freedom and flexibility, along with the broad base of customers, Reliable Driver Solutions offers qualified drivers the ability to add to their income. This service is also for a CDL driver who is looking for a part-time assignment.