Reasons why to Use Reliable United Group\Reliable Driver Solutions.

To Operate as Efficiently and as Lean as Possible

More Efficient

Find skilled drivers with help from Reliable Driver Solutions in Linden, Cranford,East Brunswick and Cherry Hill, New Jersey we are now in New York and Pennsylvania.. We assist you in your company’s staffing needs right away. Our drivers accept daily, seasonal, and cyclical assignments. We provide driver helpers, warehouse labor and office personal.

By requesting the assistance of our company, you can find qualified drivers quickly and more efficiently compared to relying on traditional staffing methods. Gone are the days when you have to advertise for a position, wade through stacks of resumes, interview applicants, and conduct background checks, then wait for a week or two for a new employee to start.

Through our staffing solutions, HR professionals don’t have to worry about the cumbersome process of setting up payroll and benefits for new workers. Assignments can also be terminated any time.

Operate Leaner

Hiring temporary or contract employees to smooth out labor needs have grown substantially. Firms increasingly employ temporary help when they are busiest and then cut back when demand falls.

In addition, more and more companies are outsourcing a variety of their HR functions in an effort to operate as lean as possible. Whether you need to outsource only the comprehensive background verification process, the entire recruiting process, or the entire payroll of employees, we got you covered. We offer a variety of services to allow our customers the ability to operate as efficiently and as lean as possible.

 Temp-to-Hire: The Ultimate Job Interview

The staffing concept of Temporary-to-Hire is a popular and sound business strategy with companies who utilize flexible staffing. Better than just an in-person interview, this Temp-to-Hire option allows an employer the opportunity to observe a prospective driver’s job performance firsthand. This arrangement also ensures that a driver is a match for the company before an employment offer is extended, making it the ultimate job interview.

Temporary assignments provide drivers with an opportunity to gain exposure to a variety of work environments and showcase their skills. In the process, they can also determine their own level of interest in a company and potentially secure a permanent position.

Companies that take advantage of this arrangement are able to minimize their losses in productivity and operate more efficiently. Our company makes this process extremely easy. Since we constantly recruit, screen, and qualify CDL drivers against our strict hiring criteria, we can offer quality CDL drivers who best match your ideal profile. We can even set up personal interviews with a handful of drivers so you can select the best possible candidate.

“Three-quarters of business clients say the quality of employees recruited from staffing firms is the same or better than the quality of their regular employees.”

(Source: American Staffing Association, Fact Sheet, The U.S. Staffing Industry: Offering America’s Business Work Force Flexibility And Access to Talent.)

 To Keep Consistent Service to Your Clients

In this economic environment, it is critical to meet your customer’s needs continually with the best service you can provide.

With personnel, expected and unexpected downtime is inevitable. When those times occur, Reliable United Group is just a phone call away. With the growing pool of qualifying CDL drivers in the state, we’re often able to help, even in those last-minute, unexpected situations. We’re able to help you when your driver calls off, takes a vacation, or is injured.

Our company can also refer seasonal or short-term drivers during busy periods. We encourage you to set up an agreement with us as soon as possible, so whenever you're short on staff, we have you covered.

 To Upgrade or “Topgrade” Existing Driver Personnel

Every company classifies their existing driver personnel into three groups:

  • High Performers

  • Adequate Performers
  • Low Performers

A critical management mistake involves the failure to replace low performers – the one that causes the biggest problems and keep you awake at night. In many cases, although the low performers doesn’t meet your “ideal” criteria, the hassle of replacing them can seem more of a burden than just putting up with them. That’s where we can help.

Because Reliable United Group is constantly recruiting, screening, and qualifying CDL drivers against our strict hiring criteria, we can offer quality CDL drivers. These employees will match your ideal profile so you can replace any low performing company drivers with ease.

 To Meet a Sudden Increase or “Spike” in Business

For the past couple of years, most companies have had to cut costs in every possible area. As a result, when a sudden increase or “spike” in business comes along, they are hard-pressed to meet that immediate demand. This is because their resources are limited due to their need to operate as lean as possible. However, there’s no guarantee that the “spike” in business will remain for an extended period of time.

Using Reliable United Group will allow for the flexibility required during this period without the added burden of recruiting time and costs, benefit costs, workers’ comp exposure, and unemployment claims. Of course, if the increase in business continues and it’s clear that an additional permanent employee is required, it makes sense to consider hiring the driver who’s been supplied by Reliable United Group. This is because he or she has been in the job during that interim period and has performed all the necessary functions of the positions.